Virginia Tech: Crowdsourcing Capital To Make Helmets Safer

Virginia Tech is crowdfunding money to test equestrian helmets at their independent safety lab, which has been testing helmets for sports like football and cycling since 2011. Hopeful that testing will result in changes that make helmets even safer, $11,000 of the $25,000 goal has been raised so far.

Equestrian sport is the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries, resulting in 45 percent of all reported sports-related TBIs, according to a 2016 study, reports Chronicle of the Horse.

Researchers at the VT Helmet Lab run tests on helmets that already meet minimum safety standards; these tests mimic real-life conditions. The results are then expressed in a “star system” that shows how well the helmets withstood impact.

Horseback-riding helmets are ASTM/SEI certified, meaning they have gone through multiple tests to meet an industry standard, but there is no certification to show which helmets exceeded requirements and which ones just barely met the requirements.

Researchers at the VT Helmet Lab are hoping to create more-thorough tests to show which helmets are most effective at preventing head injuries. Research at the lab has shown a wide variation in how helmets perform under real-life pressures, noting the best-performing helmet still did not manage impact energy as well as top-performing football helmets in VT helmet tests.

Read more at Chronicle of the Horse.

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