How-To with Andrew Beyer, Part 2

Andrew Beyer is an American expert on horse race betting who is the architect and chief devisor of what has become known as the Beyer Speed Figure... an essential element and tool used by many professionals in the science of thoroughbred horse race handicapping. In the early 1970s, while working for the Washington Daily News, Beyer did extensive work on the concept of speed figures and wrote books that helped popularize their use. By calculating variables such as the track conditions and the horse's time, Beyer speed figures give a measure of how fast a horse was in a given race. This number can then be used to compare a given horse's "speed" against its competition in an upcoming race, despite the fact that the horses have all run in different races, at different race tracks, and are different calibers of race horses. Speed figures have come into general usage and many track-published racing forms (past performance or PP programs) include them in their publications. This video is Part 2 of a conversation with Andrew Beyer.