Horse Racing – The Trainer’s Edge

Produced in the 1990s... Sports commentator Gil Stratton talks with professional trainers and jockeys who explain how to "read" a horse to determine if it's ready to win. Charlie Whittingham, Bill Mott, Wayne Lukas, Ron McAnally, Chris McCarron, Bill Shoemaker, Jack Van Berg, Laffit Pincay and others are featured. This video is both extremely informative and highly entertaining... and downright exciting in clips. As important as it is to understand the volumes of information presented in any race track's Past Performance (PP) program on race day, it is just as important to develop a sense of how a horse is going to perform... is he ready?... is he having a good day?... is he up for a good race? We wouldn't think of betting a horse unless we got to look at him in the paddock area and coming out on the track for his pre-post time warm-up.