Treating A Wound Without Antibiotics? Give Debridement A Try

The concern regarding antibiotic resistance is well founded and veterinarians are searching for ways to treat wounds without these powerful drugs. Debridement, which removes necrotic tissue, is one of the easiest ways to help avoid the use of antibiotics, reports The Horse.

Some debridement options include:

  • Enzymatic debridement uses manufactured enzymes to break down the diseases tissue.
  • Autolytic debridement uses moisture and the body’s own enzymes to remove necrotic tissue. The most selective way to remove bacteria while leaving healthy cells, the wound must be kept moist.
  • Biological debridement uses an organism like maggots to remove the dead tissue.
  • Sharp debridement uses tools to physically remove the tissue. This form is aggressive and effective at removing large amounts of necrotic tissue.
  • Mechanical debridement causes trauma to the tissue to remove bacteria. This can be done multiple ways, including wound irrigation and wet-to-dry dressings.

If bacterial levels are low, the best way to remove bacteria is autolytic debridement; enzymatic debridement is not used often because of the cost of the manufactured enzymes.

A variety of debridement dressings are available, including honey, hypertonic saline and polyhexanides.

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