Opinion: Turning The Auction Into A Lottery?

The Thoroughbred auction process could use some sprucing up, especially at the lower levels, editor Joe Clancy opined in Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred.

Thinking outside-the-box, Clancy outlined a list of ideas to make sales a safer, more efficient exercise, including converting the somewhat tight rings seen in North America into the walking circles seen in Europe and doing more to school young horses in the auction ring, as a trainer would in the paddock.

The most elaborate plan proposed entering all horses in a given catalog valued at $2,500 or less into a lottery pool where buyers could purchase tickets to obtain a randomly-assigned horse, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. This plan, Clancy said, would speed up the process of dispersing lower-level lots and could create a fun atmosphere for potential buyers.

As a further incentive, Clancy suggested making the lottery horses eligible for graduate-restricted stakes races.

Read more at Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred.

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