High School Wrestling Helped Jockey Nik Juarez Develop His Riding Career

Nik Juarez was a wrestler at his Westminster, Md. high school, but the 23-year-old is now busy building his career as a jockey. According to the Carroll County Times, the skills Juarez learned in coach John Lowe's wrestling program at Winter's Hill High School helped him to develop the necessary mental strength to pilot 1200-lb. Thoroughbreds at speeds approaching 40 miles an hour.

“If he was guilty of anything, it was taking shortcuts,” said Lowe, who recognized Juarez' athletic abilities early on. “As he got older, he realized that there isn't a shortcut to getting what you want in life, you have to put all the work in. He really did that once he started riding. He embraced the entire aspect of the job and has really taken off as anybody will tell you. He's the full package.”

Though Juarez didn't take an interest in horses until after high school, he was able to ride, and win, his first race at the age of 20. Both his father and his mother's grandfather had been jockeys, so his riding ability seems to come naturally.

“I wrestled very light and watched my weight,” Juarez remembered, speaking to Lowe's class earlier this year. “My job now isn't like being physically strong; you have to be mentally strong too. You have to get through hard times, a lot of hard times and there's a lot more downs than ups.”

Read more at the Carroll County Times.

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