You Are The Father: Stallions From The Orient Sired All Modern Horses

A new genetic study suggests that just a few stallions from the Orient have sired all modern horses.

Researchers reported in Current Biology that they had traced the Y chromosomes of modern horses back hundreds of years using genetic analyses from more than 50 horse breeds and the pedigrees of the three stallions that founded English Thoroughbreds. It was discovered that Turkoman and Arabian stallions were the source of every Y chromosome shared by modern-day, domestic stallions.

Interestingly, the three stallions that founded the English Thoroughbred were descended from the now-extinct Turkoman horses. These Thoroughbreds have since transferred their Y chromosomes to multiple other breeds.

Barbara Wallner of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna and her research colleagues believe that the transfer of this chromosome began about 647 years ago, with a 229-year leeway on either side.

This research is in contrast to earlier studies, which had proposed that Y chromosome diversity was limited because only a few stallions were bred to domestic horses about 5,500 years ago. A recent study of Scythian horses showed that the narrowing of Y chromosome types occurred within the last 2,200 years, after horses were domesticated. This study helps narrow the timeframe in which this happened.

Read more at Science News.

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