World-renowned Research Organization Animal Health Trust Faces Imminent Closure

Established in England 1942, the Animal Health Trust was created by Dr. Reginald Wooldridge to advance veterinary medicine. The organization has since become the leading veterinary and scientific research charity dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs, cats and horses.

The organization has conducted detailed research on blindness, epilepsy, cancer, equine flu, equine herpes virus, lameness, strangles and more. The overarching goal of the organization’s research is to discover cures and treatments that will better diagnose, prevent and cure disease and injury in horses, cats and dogs.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has had a direct impact on the financial welfare of the Animal Health Trust, forcing it into dire financial straits. Though hundreds of offers of monetary donations have come in, the AHT feels “it would be disingenuous if we [the AHT] took donations from you now and the funds raised are still insufficient to save the AHT, and it subsequently closes” they say on their Facebook page. The organization is currently exploring other options to stay financially solvent.

At this time, instead of financial donations, the organization is asking for people to share a post on their Facebook page that might inspire a wealthy benefactor to assist them. The post notes that the organization does wonderful work, but some particular assets the AHT provides are:

  • Their infectious disease surveillance work in horses is unparalleled and protects the world’s equines
  • They have invaluable resources that would greatly harm the world should it become unavailable, including DNA samples of every registered Thoroughbred in the United Kingdom
  • Additionally, the AHT is the only clinic that offers HDR brachytherapy to horses to treat sarcoids and other tumors around the eye.

A decision on the future of the Trust will be made toward the end of April.

Read the full statement at the Animal Health Trust website.

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