Woman Reunites With Missing Horse After Eight Years

Kayla Pevytoe of Magnolia, Texas, had been searching for her childhood horse, “Dixie,” for over eight years. Kayla lost track of her horse in 2013, when the mare was sold without her knowledge. Kayla tried to locate the mare using social media posts on her own pages and in other equine groups, and searched on horse sale sites and auction websites to no avail. 

In 2021, people responding to Pevytoe’s Facebook post encouraged her to contact NetPosse, also called Stolen Horse International. Pevytoe filed a “Searching for Horse” report on the NetPosse website. The website generated a flyer and volunteers issued a NetPosse Alert, similar to an Amber Alert for humans. The alert was posted on social media platforms, included in the organization’s e-newsletter and given to network partners. 

This time, the plea for information on Dixie was seen by the right person, and one of Dixie’s former owners let Kayla know she had sold the mare six months prior to seeing the alert. 

Pevytoe updated her report and the information was again disseminated on multiple platforms. Two days after the update went out, she got a call from a woman who thought her friend might have bought Dixie from an auction. The new owners then reached out to Pevytoe and agreed to sell the mare back to her former owner. 

Pevytoe and her husband drove nearly nine hours to pick up the beloved mare, who was very thin. Dixie seemed to remember her old owner, perking up at her name.

Pevytoe believes the mare had moved at least six times in nearly eight years. 

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