Vets And Farriers Must Work Together To Keep Horses Healthy And Sound

Both veterinarians and farriers are of critical importance to equine welfare, and many times it’s essential that both professionals work in conjunction to keep a horse healthy and sound. While this can bring together a variety of personalities, it is possible for common ground to be found using care, consideration and respect.

The issue of encouraging vets to provide specific guidelines to farriers came up at the International Hoof Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was suggested that the vets offer farriers a set of guidelines as to how the two can engage with one another to create open communication and achieve a happy, sound horse.

It’s when grey areas occur that problems arise. Add to this equation the horse owner, and it’s very important that both professionals are on the same page with regards to issues and treatment.

It was suggested that when the horse owner asks the farrier for advice that the farrier reiterate that he is not in a position to diagnose the issue, but that the owner consult with their vet. This also helps determine a more-specific diagnosis, along with the use of diagnostic tools to help the farrier care for a horse well, rather than simply labeling a horse with a broad term like “navicular.”

In a perfect world, both the vet and the farrier would collaborate to determine what they feel are the best strategies to support the horse and then would present a united front to the horse owner. It can be immensely helpful for farrier to have a written “prescription” from a vet for each hoof that needs to be addressed—this not only builds trust, but allows both parties to learn from one another.

The resounding message at the Summit was that both vets and farriers need to ensure that ego plays no role in keeping a horse sound and healthy; both professionals need to work together and engage the horse owner to make sure the horse is cared for appropriately.

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