Unique Program At Colorado State Helping Horses In Transition

The Department of Equine Sciences at Colorado State University (CSU) has launched a rapidly expanding course that rehabilitates and trains rescue horses in an effort to help them find new homes. Dubbed The Right Horse Program, CSU partnered with the Harmony Equine Center, Colorado Horse Rescue and Drifter Hearts of Hope to source the horses that are in transition—those that have been neglected, abused or whose owners can no longer care for them. No other school in the nation offers a program like this.

Some of these horses may have behavioral problems or troubled backgrounds—and these are exactly the type of horses CSU wants to include in their program. After a semester of hands-on training from the students, the horses will be placed in new homes where they can have productive lives.

The professors look specifically for horses that can be used in equine-assisted therapy programs or lesson programs. The first class took place in 2016, using only two horses; the program now takes in 20 horses per semester, allowing more students to be involved in the program.

In the beginning of each semester, the students try to piece together their horse’s past to help determine how they can help the horse transition into a new home. What works for one horse will not necessarily work for another horse. At the conclusion of the semester, a new home is sought for the horse. If the horse is still having issues and needs more time, he remains at CSU until he is prepared for a new home.

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