Two More Bush Track Horses Euthanized For EIA In South Carolina 

Two more South Carolina horses have tested positive for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA), bringing the total to five positive cases in the past 30 days, said South Carolina State Veterinarian Dr. Michael Neault. All the cases originated from a bush racetrack; all five horses have been euthanized. 

EIA does not affect humans. In horses, it can be transmitted by bloodsucking insects, but it can also be introduced to a horse through the use of infected needles that have been reused, or through medical, dental, or tattoo equipment. Reusing needles when vaccinating or administering medications should be avoided at all costs, even if it saves money, as it invites the spread of disease.

Horses infected with EIA can have a fever and little appetite, and they can also become severely anemic, weak, or depressed. An infected horse may have rapid heart and respiration rates, swelling or bleeding from the nose, or they may die suddenly. 

There is no treatment for an EIA; if infected horses don’t die from the disease, they become lifelong reservoirs and must be permanently quarantined or euthanized. 

A Coggins test screens for EIA antibodies. EIA is reportable in all 50 states. The infections are the first in South Carolina since 2014.

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