‘Tried, Tested, And Successful’: BloodstockAuction.com Set To Launch In United States

A leader in the online Thoroughbred auction field, BloodstockAuction.com is excited and proud to announce the expansion of its successful business model into the United States.

Operating in Australia since 2014 and in New Zealand since 2016, Bloostockauction.com has seen more than 13,000 horses change hands through its online platform, and currently has 14,000 registered buyers and sellers enjoying the convenience of increasing or decreasing their equine portfolios without having to leave their desk.

With their weekly catalogs live and open for bidding for five days, vendors have time to promote their horses whilst buyers have time to do their research, including arranging any inspections or veterinary checks.

Since their first auction in late 2014, Bloodstockauction.com has gone from strength to strength, with highlights including the sale of stakes winner Jyoti, the sale of the outstanding broodmare prospect Readycatgo for AUS$210,600 (US$133,681), and the sale of the Group 1-winning stallion Warhorse for AUS$275,000 (US$174,597).

If that wasn’t enough, Bloodstockauction.com also runs an annual online stallion cover charity auction, which raises over AUS$100,000 (US$63,489) each year for Ronald McDonald House.

Anthony Gafa, director of Bloodstockauction.com, always had the ambition to take his online auction platform to the United States, as it was a market that is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about their breeding and horse racing, just like in Australia. Bloodstockauction.com has been planning the launch its platform in the U.S. for some time, however, given the current climate around COVID-19, Gafa believes that Bloodstockauction.com can be of assistance to the U.S. Thoroughbred industry in providing a tried and tested online solution, that has been in operation for six years.

So why does bloodstockauction.com work so well?

It’s a reliable service that’s easy to use, one which suits those looking to obtain the best possible price for their horse by drastically increasing the buying base (both domestically and internationally) far beyond the traditional sales ring.  Costs are kept down as there is no shipping to a sale, and no staffing required.  The horse remains at home until the change of hands is confirmed, which is much safer and easier for everyone involved.

It’s inevitable that online auctions will become a part of Thoroughbred sales markets worldwide, and Bloodstockauction is confident of making its mark in the U.S. where its operation will be overseen by the impressively qualified Mindy Powell-Hodges.

Boasting extensive horse racing industry experience across the world, Powell-Hodges has been CEO of the Townsville Turf Club, general manager of Cape Falls Thoroughbreds, director of Hodgewell Farm and director of the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation – as well as being the first woman in America to hold the executive position of track superintendent (at Philadelphia Park).

During her seven years in the UAE (approached by His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan), Powell-Hodges helped in the development and promotion of Arabian racing locally and internationally; leading to recognition across Europe including sponsorship of the French Derby.

Powell-Hodges’ business acumen makes her an ideal fit for Bloodstockauction.com, and she discussed why she believes the time is right for online auctions in the U.S.

Why did you approach Bloodstockauction.com and want to get involved?

Powell-Hodges: When they launched six years ago, I thought what a ridiculous idea. Who in their right mind would essentially eBay their horse? After watching the first auction, I realized I was very much mistaken. I could see that this revolutionized the selling of horses. Not having to ship your horse to the sales, putting the horse on the market when the horses were ready or when you just absolutely needed to sell a horse for whatever the circumstances, you weren’t tied to a calendar of sales that didn’t fit the owners’ needs. This is a company that is tried, tested and is successful. It’s a dream to be part of a solution to an industry need

How do you believe that the U.S. market and industry participants will benefit?

Powell-Hodges: Firstly, the ease with which you can market, sell and buy a horse. The horse is visible globally. There are enormous cost savings. The risk of shipping the horse to a sale complex, risk of sickness or injury all of these elements are all reduced.

What opportunities do you see within the U.S. for both the brand as well as users of the service?

Powell-Hodges: It’s quite simple, the opportunities are vast. If we take the current state of play across the world, what outlets do we have to sell or buy horses other than traditional sales or a classified ad in an industry magazine or paper.  The platform offers unprecedented exposure to a local, national and international buying bench using tools such as video, photos, catalog pedigree, comments and descriptions from the trainers and owners. This platform provides the industry with the ability to conduct a traditional sale with the conveniences of modern technology.

The first U.S. catalog will be live, and available to view and place bids from 7 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, May 7. The final countdown will commence at 7 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, May 12, at which time each lot will enter into a ‘Virtual Sales Ring’ at one minute intervals, and go under the hammer.

Members of the U.S. horse industry are encouraged to visit us at www.bloodstockauction.com and register to become a member. It’s free to join.

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