Trainer Blacker Joins WHOA, Calls Lasix ‘Tip Of The Iceberg’

As the WHOA membership roster continues to grow, it is particularly encouraging to see young trainers joining the initiative and getting involved in the conversation, as the future of our sport is ultimately in their hands.  California conditioner Dan Blacker is the latest to support the Water Hay Oats Alliance.  

 In a statement to WHOA, Blacker said:

“Drugs.” Unfortunately, around the world this is the word most commonly associated with American racing.

America is where a person can start a training career with one horse. Where a horseplayer can win a million from a two dollar bet. Where racing on turf and dirt share equal limelight and generations of dirt lineage are ingrained into the stud book. Thoroughbred racing in the USA is unique and regardless of background, if you possess passion and commitment, you can be successful here. I was drawn to the vibrance and competitiveness of training on the American racetrack. I love American racing, but it can be better.

There are two issues that need to be addressed; medication abuse and the penalties for breaking the rules.

I do not believe Lasix is the foremost problem. As a trainer, eliminating it will likely make it tougher for me in the short term to limit EIPH on raceday. However I understand that in order to create a clean racing state it must be abolished. In reality, Lasix is the tip of the iceberg. There is a mentality that has evolved which encourages treating every runner with a shopping list of prerace medications. This has unfortunately become accepted as part of the game and it contradicts everything we associate with modern sport. Trainers are not perceived to be competitive unless they are pushing the medication boundaries and many owners are complicit as long as the wins are coming. If America is to align with the rest of the world this practice has to change. The penalties must be strengthened to initiate the change. Multiple offenders receiving a small fine and a two week suspension is ineffective. A similar infraction in other countries would result in a two year ban. Make clear cut, severe penalties and trainers will learn that testing the rules is not worth the risk.

This ideal can be reality. Hong Kong is a racing jurisdiction renowned for strict medication policies. Winning races is achieved by a horse’s natural talent, combined with the skill of the trainer and jockey. This pinnacle of integrity is recognized by the gambling public and rewarded by the largest betting pools in the sport. Surely this is the ultimate goal we should all be striving to achieve. I support the WHOA movement as I envisage America as the global leader in thoroughbred racing. We need a national body governing the sport and setting strict uniform medication guidelines. If we come together as an industry it can be a reality.
Dan Blacker
DB Racing, Inc.

At just 35, Dan operates DB Racing, Inc., as well as the racing syndicate Radley Equine, Inc. out of southern California.  Prior to taking out his own license, he worked as assistant to Tom Albertrani and Richard Mandella.  Blacker studied at the University of Edinburgh and is a graduate of the Godolphin Flying Start program.  Before coming to the U.S., he spent time working for trainers in the UK, Ireland, France, Australia, Dubai and Argentina.

 Dan lives in Monrovia with his wife Christina and their three children.

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