‘Tis The Season: Top Five Winter Hoof Care Tips

The American Farriers Journal has released a checklist of winter hoof care tips that can help horse owners keep their horses’ hooves healthy during the difficult cold season.

First, the AFJ recommends maintaining a regular shoeing or trimming interval.

“Even though hooves grow more slowly during fall and winter, regular farrier care is important,” states the AFJ. “If shoes are pulled for the winter, hooves may need to be trimmed more frequently.”

A second tip is to keep stalls and run-in sheds clean and dry with regular maintenance, including manure/soiled bedding removal.

Another part of the horse owner’s daily winter routine should be checking and cleaning out each hoof. Regular visual exams can help detect early changes that could signify the beginning of larger problems, and regular cleaning will help prevent a dangerous buildup of snow/ice.

Fourth on the list is to maintain anti-thrush measures.

“In milder winter climates, mud can create as big a problem as snow and ice,” the AFJ warns.

Finally, consider your horse’s changing nutritional needs during the winter months. Vitamins A and E are mainly provided by hay, but those levels can drop to less than 20 percent of normal by winter’s end. Additional supplementation may be necessary, but as always, consult your veterinarian and farrier for specific advice.

Check out the full checklist at the American Farriers Journal.

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