“Tippy” The Crash Test Dummy Used To Make Equine Transport Safer

Areion Australia has made an equine crash test dummy that will be used to improve safety features in horse trailers. The company, founded by engineer Tom Hotchkin, is working on the creation of a prototype trailer that has rear-facing bays. Hauling horses in this manner means that if the trailer were to be involved in a crash, the brunt of the impact would be absorbed by the horse’s hindquarters, rather than his head or neck.

“Tippy” is an 18-hand, 1,600-pound horse made of rubber. Hotchkin says that using a dummy will allow researchers to see what happens to horses involved in a trailer crash. From there, his company will be able to develop trailer technology that will better protect the horse.

The prototype trailer is made from plastic, so the surface is softer and smoother than traditional steel or aluminum trailers. It also features a patented restraint system that is like a seatbelt. The first trailers with these features are expected to be released next year.

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