The Perfect Pack: A Professional’s Packing Protocols

Farrier Mitch Taylor, founder of the Kentucky Horseshoeing School, tells Horse & Rider that there are a variety of reasons a horse owner may pack their mount’s feet, but packing should always provide support for the frog and sole.

Taylor noted most horses wear pads under their shoes for one of two reasons: to provide protection or to provide structural support. Pads are never placed on a horse with nothing between the pad and the sole—this space needs to be filled to prevent dirt and debris from entering and packing to the point where it might bruise the hoof. Farriers can fill this space with a variety of things to provide cushioning and protection.

Taylor says that for a pad that’s being used to provide protection, he likes to use Magic Cushion. Taylor said he also uses this product in hooves overnight on a variety of horses to relieve soreness and provide protection. Once packed in a horse’s foot, Magic Cushion begins reducing hoof heat within an hour.

For a horse that wears pads to provide structural support, Taylor uses a material similar to silicone putty or impression material that will go back to shape no matter how it is stretched or pressed. Taylor often uses this material on horses with laminitis when the coffin bone rotates and tries to drop out of the sole of the hoof.

Overall, Taylor’s favorite type of pad is leather, as it has more give than plastic pads and is somewhat breathable. He also says that the leather is easier to manipulate and customize to each horse and their specific issue.

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