The Friday Show Presented By Monmouth Park: Overheard On Wiretap

A recent brief filed by the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York in support of wiretaps of a number of individuals indicted in March 2020 revealed partial transcripts of some of the trainers, veterinarians and suppliers rounded up in this federal racehorse doping probe.

The defendants are trying to have evidence compiled from intercepted phone conversations thrown out, saying the FBI didn’t exhaust other investigatory practices before seeking approval for such surveillance. Prosecutors point out why the wiretaps were necessary and that traditional methods would not have worked.

A judge in the case has yet to decide whether to permit the evidence obtained through the wiretaps.

In this week’s edition of the Friday Show, publisher Ray Paulick and editor in chief Natalie Voss review some of the conversations held among various defendants – including Jason Servis and Jorge Navarro – that were intercepted by the FBI. They reveal that the trainers had no idea what was in some of the substances they were injecting into horses in their care.

Voss also provides some details on Scott Mangini, a peddler of non-FDA approved substances who has pleaded guilty and is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday.

Joe Nevills then joins Paulick to talk about this week’s Woodbine Star of the Week.

Watch this week’s show, presented by Monmouth Park, below:

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