The Advantage Of Feeding Oats

Horses on the track are fed multiple pounds of feed per day. Oftentimes this feed includes sweet feed and oats. Oats have been fed by horse owners, and specifically racehorse trainers, for years. The starch content in oats is significantly less than other grains like wheat and corn; oat starch is also more digestible, meaning it is less likely to disrupt the microbial fermentation in the hindgut.

However, large amounts of oats fed at one time can still cause hindgut disruption. Because of this, oat-based meals should be less than 5 pounds per meal for an average, 1,100-pound horse. Meals should be fed at least 6 hours apart.

Oats are also a good source of fat, containing around 6.5 percent. Oats also contain a fiber that stimulates the immune system, all of which are beneficial.

Oats are often what a racehorse is used to eating and be palatable to them. However, oats are not fortified, so horses fed solely oats will need a source of vitamins and minerals added to their feed.

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