Swarms Of Mosquitoes Kill Horses And Livestock After Hurricane Laura

The mosquito population in Louisiana exploded after the rains from Hurricane Laura receded. Thousands of the insects attacked horses, cows, deer and other livestock, causing them to pace or run in the heat until they were exhausted.

Some areas of the state faced massive clouds of the bloodsucking insects in the days after Hurricane Laura made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane on Aug. 27, reported a Louisiana State University AgCenter veterinarian. Spraying efforts have since brought the mosquito population under control.

Though residents in the area are used to mosquito population spikes after heavy rains, the amount of mosquitoes seen after Huricane Laura were unprecedented. It is estimated that farmers located near where the hurricane made landfall lost between 300 and 400 head of cattle, said Dr. Craig Fontenot, a vet based in Ville Platte.

Thankfully, the species of mosquito involved in the outbreak doesn’t transmit human disease easily, but people are still urged to take precautions. At the height of the outbreak, any exposed skin was immediately covered in insects. Though humans could wear long pants and sleeves, livestock were unable to get away from the insects, many of them pacing or running until they were exhausted, leaving them susceptible to weight loss and disease.

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