Study Shows Equine Kidneys Have Unexplained Anomaly

A recent study investigating equine kidneys has found a curious anomaly between the left and right organs that they can’t explain.

The study, led by Drs. Francesca Freccero, Marina Petrucelli, Mario Cipone, Irene Nocera and Micaela Sgorbini, used pulse-wave Doppler ultrasound on 33 healthy horses and donkeys to try to better understand their kidney function. The scientists gathered data on renal arcuate arteries from trotters, Warmblood and Thoroughbred horses (as well as nine donkeys) between the ages of 3 and 24; from there they were able to calculate the renal resistance index (RRI), which is the resistance to blood flow through the kidney’s tiny blood vessels.

This tool helps evaluate kidney microcirculation in humans; a high level of resistance is indicative of a health problem. In horses, the median RRI value for the right kidney was higher than the left. In donkeys, however, the values were comparable, but donkeys have fewer arcuate arteries.

The scientists are unsure why the values in horses differ. Left and right equine kidneys differ anatomically, but both organs are of similar weight, volume and density. It is not known if there are any microscopic differences between the left and right kidney.

The renal arteries merge at slightly different levels in the kidneys, and the branching renal vessel isn’t completely symmetric in both organs. The geometry of blood vessels may play a part in the difference, as well.

There were no statistical differences in RRI between ages or breeds of horse used in the study. Equine body weight and body condition also didn’t affect the RRI. In humans, however, excess fat or weight may play a role in renal damage. The researchers recommend additional studies on the relationship between body fat distribution and intra-renal resistance, as well as studies to clarify the relationship between RRI and the shape and function of equine kidneys.

Read the full study here.

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