Study: Massive Doses Of Antibiotics Many Not Be Needed Post-Surgery

Horses who undergo colic surgery are often given a five-day round of antibiotics to fight off possible infection after the surgery is complete. A new study has shown that a single antibiotic injection could provide the same amount of protection.

Dr. Sabita Diana Stöckle notes that many human and veterinary surgeries conclude with a round of short-term (24-hour) antibiotic treatment to reduce the risk of disease. For colic surgery, however, it’s common for antibiotics to be administered for well over 24 hours.

Stöckle and her colleagues used 67 horses that had undergone colic surgery to compare the standard five-day course of antibiotics to a single-shot dose. Thirty of the horses received a single shot of penicillin and gentamicin once before the surgery. Some horses also received an additional shot during surgery if needed. The other 37 horses received the standard, five-day antibiotic protocol.

The study team found no significant differences in post-operative adverse issues between the two groups; there was minimal difference in the amount of colitis, hemolytic anemia or surgical site infections. They suggest that the single antibiotic dose may be an effective alternative to the common, five-day protocol, if proper hygiene and close patient monitoring also occurs.

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