Stay Standing: New CT Scanner Takes Images While Horse Stands

A Madison, Wiss.-based company currently developing a large-scale, stand-up computed tomography (CT) device capable of conducting scans on large animals just completed its first test of on a horse this past April.

Asto CT, the company behind the newest innovation in CT scanners, conducted the test in order to demonstrate to veterinarians that a horse would stand calmly within the CT scanner machine and not be overly-bothered by the noise it produces. The company says this newest advancement in CT technology could have a significant impact on how veterinarians and other specialists diagnose certain injuries.

The test was conducted at the PhotoDiagnostic System's headquarters located in Boxboro, Mass. No images were taken during the test, as the goal of the exercise was only to demonstrate the willingness of a horse to stand within the machine while it is in operation. The next series of tests, which will take scans of the horse(s)(, will be conducted in July.

Referred to as Equina, this newest piece of CT imaging equipment is designed to be used on the legs, head and neck of large animals while they are standing. The horse used in the test was given only a mild sedative prior to entering the CT scanner.

In the past, veterinarians put horses and other large animals under general anesthesia to conduct a CT scan.

A representative for Asto CT says the company plans to build four CT imagery units, each retailing for $650,000.


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