Spooky Horse Even After Halloween? Diet May Be To Blame

Spookiness, where a horse startles easily, may be a heritable trait. Watching how the sire or dam reacts to new situations may provide insight into how their offspring may respond to new stimuli.

A horse’s diet should also be taken into consideration, though this is not the only reason horses spook. Replacing some of the sugar and starch in a horse’s diet with fat and fiber may help take the edge off his anxiety. Adding more hay and turnout time on grass is an easy way to increase his fiber intake.

Horses that become reactive that had not been flighty before may have a medical problem that needs to be addressed. The issue could be anything from physical pain, hearing problems or vision issues—a horse that can’t see well may become bolt and spook as he tries to flee from perceived danger.

Training can help desensitize spooky horses; reassurance as they become less reactive is imperative.

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