Scientists Working On Equine Blood Test To Detect Cancer

Soon sarcoid diagnosis may be made using a blood test instead of a biopsy, reports The Horse. Though the most commonly identified sarcoids are those that are nodular, sarcoids can also appear as warts or rough patches of skin, making their diagnosis more complicated.

A veterinarian can perform diagnostic tests to determine if the area is in fact a sarcoid. However, swabbing the area doesn’t always give the proper results and performing a biopsy can aggravate a tumor, making the disease worse. Drs. Lucia Unger and Vinzenz Gerber of Switzerland are investigating a blood test that seeks out microRNAs (miRNAs), which can be indicative of cancer in humans and other mammals.

While sarcoids don’t metastasize like a traditional cancer, they still have cancer-like properties. In a study, the scientists tested the blood of 11 horses, six horses that had sarcoids and five that did not. They determined that the horses with sarcoids had miRNA that were different from the miRNA in the healthy horses.

The researches say that this finding indicates promise that a reliable sarcoid biomarker in blood will be found.

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