Royal Ascot Demonstrates ‘Transparency,’ ‘Seriousness’ With Detailed Inquiry Coverage

Last Saturday's Diamond Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot saw a stewards' inquiry into the stretch run of the race when two of the contestants were in close enough proximity to warrant concern. Eric Wing (along with a number of other American horseplayers on social media) was particularly impressed by the coverage of the subsequent stewards' meeting with the two jockeys in question, and discussed the display in his blog at

“It was all good theatre, and the level of transparency exhibited was refreshing,” Wing wrote. “More than anything else, though, I was impressed by the level of seriousness on display from both stewards and riders.”

Though Wing admits that it isn't always easy for racing jurisdictions to pursue such open avenues of communication, Royal Ascot's actions demonstrate a level of respect for the horseplayer that can often be absent in American racing.

“Justified or not, horseplayers in the U.S. are sometimes left to feel as though they care more about certain aspects of the racing experience than do the actual insiders,” wrote Wing. “When little details don't get nailed down or things get done by half (as the British say), it's usually because they're too far down the priority list. And part of the reason they're so far down the priority list is because their situations don't occur very often—maybe only once every couple of weeks. As a result, these things are not taken very seriously. They get crowded out by other concerns (workload, budgets, et al.) that may seem more pressing to insiders—but not to a horseplayer.”


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