Right Horse Virtual Summit Brings Together Equine Industry And Adoption Leaders

Hosted by The Right Horse Initiative, a program of the ASPCA®, the 2020 Right Horse Summit, taking place virtually from September 14-17, will bring together industry pioneers and leaders in equine welfare for four days of discussion and ideation for the benefit of at-risk equines.

While current circumstances mandate physical distancing, the summit will offer a highly interactive and dynamic online experience and includes opportunities to engage with and learn from a variety of industry professionals and equine welfare organizations. The Summit will provide opportunity to celebrate the collective work being done to help horses and massively increase equine adoption. A variety of resources, course materials, and more will be delivered to registered participants prior to the event.

“Despite challenges resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, partners of the Right Horse Initiative have made incredible strides in their respective communities and corners of the equine industry by helping more horses find homes, providing critical resources and spreading awareness to elevate the welfare of all equines,” said Dr. Emily Weiss, Vice President of ASPCA Equine Welfare. “The power of the Right Horse Initiative lies in our partners and we look forward to celebrating our achievements thus far while innovating the next chapter of the work together.”

The Summit is open to Right Horse Adoption Partners, Industry Partners, and active Warm-Up Ring participants, to whom registration is cost-free. Partners are encouraged to register by August 28th. For those interested in participating and joining the over 100 industry and adoption partners creating systemic change and reframing the conversation around equine adoption, learn more here. To foster or adopt an equine, please visit MyRightHorse.org and access tools here to advocate for horses in need of homes.

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