Report: Mongolian Groom Trainer, Vet Say Horse Was Sound

The Thoroughbred Daily News reported Wednesday that Mongolian Groom’s connections maintain the horse, who was fatally injured in the Breeders’ Cup Classic, was sound going into the race.

Dr. Vince Baker, Mongolian Groom’s regular veterinarian, said the horse’s workout Oct. 27 triggered an episode of tying up, which resulted in tight back muscles. Baker said the horse’s tying up episode was treated and Breeders’ Cup veterinarians monitored his workouts and examined him Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and as of Thursday before the race deemed him “completely normal.”

A story published yesterday on the Paulick Report drew attention to videos of the horse’s workouts, including a video from Thursday, Oct. 31 that veterinarians say indicated lameness in the horse’s hind end. The TDN story also quoted Mongolian Groom trainer Enebish Ganbat, who said the horse always took time to warm up at the jog.

Baker, like other treating veterinarians at Stronach Group tracks, is required to sign an authorization form certifying his patient is sound to compete in a race.

Baker also revealed the intra-articular injections the horse received two weeks before the race were hyaluronic acid and triamcinalone in his hocks, which he said had no impact on the horse’s fatal injury. Although an intra-articular injection will put a horse on the California Horse Racing Board veterinarian’s list for five days, The Stronach Group does not permit intra-articular corticosteroids closer than two weeks prior to race day.

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