Report: 18 Horses Ill As EHV-1 Sweeps Through Canadian Riding Stable

Staff at Venturing Hills Equestrian, a riding stable in Luskville, Quebec, Canada, have been working around the clock to try to save the farm’s horses, which have been affected by the neurologic form of the equine herpes virus (EHV). 

There are multiple strains of the equine herpes virus, including EHV-1, which can cause respiratory disease, abortion, neonatal death or neurological disease. Some horses exposed to the virus will develop neurologic signs. There is no cure for the neurological symptoms associated with EHV-1.

On Feb. 3, a healthy 5-year-old horse that lived at the farm began stumbling when he walked. His symptoms worsened and he was euthanized later that day. Samples the attending veterinarian had taken were positive for EHV-1. The second horse that died from EHV-1 was a  20-year-old horse on Valentine’s Day. Both horses had been vaccinated for EHV. 

Currently, 18 horses are sick, two are dead and five remain healthy. To try to keep the remaining horses disease free, staff has completely quarantined the healthy horses from the ill horses by building stalls on the property. They have also instituted biosecurity measures like limiting the people who see the infected horses, wearing hazmat suits and steaming hay nets to kill the virus. 

Owner Rae Becke believes a new horse that arrived at the facility on January 15 brought the virus with him from Toronto. She later learned that three horses at the horse’s former facility had died from the virus on Jan. 29. Becke was never informed of the situation, so the new horse was turned out with Venturing Hills’ equine residents. 

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