Racing NSW Implements End-Of-Life Welfare Program For Thoroughbreds

Racing NSW, the regulating body for Thoroughbred racing in New South Wales, has introduced a new program to ensure that every NSW Thoroughbred in the state has access to humane euthanasia. Created to additionally protect racehorses from being sent to slaughterhouses, the program will pay for the horse’s euthanasia, should it be determined that course of action is in the horse’s best interest.

Funded by a fee assessed when a Thoroughbred is registered, euthanasia under the program is only permitted when a Racing NSW licensed veterinarian has certified that euthanasia is necessary because of welfare or safety concerns. In addition to euthanasia, Racing NSW will cover the cost of cremation or burial of the horse. Euthanasia and cremation or burial of a horse can be expensive, and possibly deter owners from acting in the horse’s best interest.

Specifically designed for any Thoroughbred that has lived predominantly in NSW, the program does not have an age cap for horses it assists. This means that horses that have been retired from racing and are now involved in second careers are also able to be assisted by this program.

This program was created to further strengthen Racing NSW’s commitment to the welfare of racehorses throughout their lives. The regulatory body puts aside more than $26 million a year to assist with Thoroughbred welfare programs.

The organization has established a direct retraining and rehoming program for Thoroughbreds, has made it an offense to send a Thoroughbred to a slaughterhouse, has two full-time veterinarians on staff and has multiple other programs and efforts in place to assist Thoroughbreds throughout every life stage.

Read more at The Sydney Morning Herald and at Racing NSW.

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