Qatar’s Al Shaqab – A Spa-Like Setting For Horses

There is a farm in Qatar that is so much more than the word “farm” would imply. At Al Shaqab, horses are treated as royalty and live in a spa-like setting. Depending on their specialty, they may gallop on an immaculately-manicured private track to prepare for endurance tests or school in a massive open-air stadium arena that can be used for dressage or show jumping competitions.

They get constant grooming and attention, including massages, solarium sessions, swimming and more, and when not turned out at night in their irrigated and lush paddocks, they enjoy their down time in climate-controlled stalls.

Open to the public for daily tours and for riding lessons for local children, Al Shaqab is arguably the most modern equine facility in the world, situated in the desert of the Middle East just on the outskirts of the city of Doha. It’s main purpose, however, is to breed, raise, train and compete world-class Arabian show and racehorses, who win competitions throughout the world.

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