Positive EIA In Georgia, Two Horses Euthanized

According to the Equine Disease Communication Center, the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s (GDA) Animal Industry Division has confirmed two positive cases of Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) in Quarter Horses at a Fayette County facility. The affected horses were humanely euthanized. The remainder of the horses at the facility are under quarantine pending follow up testing in 60 days. This makes two confirmed cases for the year 2019.

Equine infectious anemia (EIA) is relatively uncommon in the modern-day United States, thanks largely to the Coggins test, a blood test developed in 1970 to check for the presence of the virus. According to the USDA, there were just 80 positive horses in the whole country in 2017. Horses are required to have a Coggins dated within 12 months to travel inter- or intrastate and to ship in to all racetracks, as well as most competition venues and boarding barns. The disease is transmitted between horses through body fluids, which may include colostrum or blood on shared needles or in biting insects.

There is no cure or vaccine for EIA.

Read more at the Equine Disease Communication Center.

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