OTTB Teams With Hawk In New Career … Yes, A Hawk

Not every Thoroughbred, no matter how strong its bloodlines, is destined to become a top-class racehorse. Even for successful horses, racing careers can be short.

Godolphin’s rehoming and retraining programme finds ex-racehorses new homes and new careers. With a little retraining, a Thoroughbred can make a perfect mount for many different equine disciplines — eventing, dressage polo or hunting. Some can make perfect ‘happy hackers’ for riders of a reasonable standard.

After coming through the Godolphin Rehoming Programme, former Godolphin racehorse, Shubaat, is enjoying his new life working with Artemis, the golden eagle, at Dartmoor Hawking. Dartmoor Hawking, which sits on 40 acres in Dartmoor National Park in England, is a private falconry center which teaches clients to handle birds of prey. The facility uses all retired racehorses for its horseback falconry experiences.

Learn more about OTTBs in falconry here.

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