Oops: How Old Is That Injury? 

Horses love to find ways to injure themselves and it’s not always easy to determine if the lump, bump or scrape is new or old, especially if the horse isn’t groomed every day or if he’s sporting a long, thick winter coat. When a lump or bump is discovered, a few things can be done to determine if it’s fresh and requires a call to the vet or if it’s old and just now being noticed. 

The feel of a lump can indicate if it’s new or old: New injuries are often soft to the touch from fluid that pools in the area. A new injury will often feel hot to the touch. An older injury tends to feel firmer as it’s made up of scar tissue or calcification; it will be the same temperature as the surrounding skin.

If the horse reacts to palpation, it’s most likely a newer injury. Sensitivity to touch is associated with the same inflammation that causes the soft feel. 

A call to the veterinarian may be in order if the lump or bump is new and if the horse is lame. Older injuries that have healed and are nothing to be alarmed about. 

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