Online Videos Demystify Equine Behavior, Answer Common Questions

Three equine scientists have launched a new YouTube channel to debunk horse behavior myths and answer common questions from horse owners. The Equine Science Talk International team is comprised of Dr. Konstanze Krüger, Germany’s first professor of equine science and a specialist in horse behavior and cognition, Isabell Marr, a horse trainer and instructor, and Dr. Laureen Esch, a veterinarian and equine dentist. Their combined expertise give the videos unique insight into equine science and its practical application.

Some of the topics the trio discuss include punishment and reinforcement; blanketing and clipping; and rollkur. Each topic is explained through a scientific lens and the researchers then explore what this mean in everyday context.

Though the videos were produced in German, journalist, horse trainer and equine behavior researcher Kate Farmer translates them.

Read more at HorseTalk.

Visit the Equine Science Talk International YouTube channel here.

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