On Sale Now: $200 Meadow Muffins (Yes, You Read That Right)

Many an owner, while picking out a stall or paddock, has thought to themselves ‘If I had a quarter for every pile of poo I’ve scooped, I’d be rich.’ If only those piles were actually worth something.

One Kentucky company is hoping to convince you they are worth something — $200 a pop, in fact. If they come from the right horse.

Kentucky For Kentucky, a Lexington-based promotions company, recently announced the sale of preserved “meadow muffins” from 1997 Triple Crown winner Silver Charm. The muffins are dipped in resin to preserve and de-stink them, and placed in glass mason jars with labels certifying authenticity. Kentucky For Kentucky considers them a blur between novelty and art.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of the items will benefit Old Friends, where Silver Charm resides.

Read more at the Lexington Herald-Leader

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