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We understand that merely satisfying customers who have the freedom to make choices is not enough. 5Dimes take great pride in our commitment to each and every player. 5Dimes focuses on building value and loyalty with our players, and maintaining our status as a premier online gaming site. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our players have to say about:

– Wagering Selection
– Fast Payouts
– Point Contests
– Customer Service
– Casino Games
– Overall

“What can I say?! This is truly a first-class sportsbook and casino in every way. The wagering selection (‘menu’) is huge and their customer service is the best in the business. This company truly deserves an A+ rating because they ‘do things right’ (even the so-called ‘little things’), are honest and ethical… and make the games fun and enjoyable. There’s no need to worry about ‘problems’, controversies or getting paid, either. I’ve been with them for a few years now and I know what I’m talking about. Good job, guys (and gals) at 5Dimes; a “5-Star” book if there ever was one!”
~ Member

“After all of my experience with 5Dimes, I feel it is truly a sportsbook and casino giving as much back to the player and industry as possible. The live chat support has been excellent and reloads are processed promptly. Everything has been thought of by 5Dimes – reduced juice being offered on major sports, a large variety of wagers available (tennis in Thailand at 2am, soccer in Australia at 3am, college hockey, and much more), good teaser and parlay odds, and great payouts in the online casino. Where else can you find a roulette wheel paying +109 odds on red or black? I bet big on black and it came out 10 out of 11 spins.

Also the poker room and blackjack tournaments against others which I have also done well with. The racebook adding 10% on top of win wagers is another nice perk and a wide variety of tracks are offered. You can also find much better lottery odds with 5Dimes than playing your state lotteries locally. Put more winnings in your pocket instead and use it to unload on the next big game. Get your reloads in at 5Dimes!.”
~ Reload

“5Dimes impeccable customer service and flawless payout performance are second to none. 5Dimes offers an extensive wagering menu which will certainly meet the wagering needs of the most sophisticated sports bettor. 5Dimes fully deserves TOP 20 sportsbook Award for 2006. TOW Ratings are based on strict criteria which considers a sportsbook’s financial stability, management experience, customer service practices, dispute resolution policies, website performance and wagering portfolio. TheOnlineWire recommends 5Dimes to sports bettors seeking an enjoyable and safe wagering experience.”
~ TheOnlineWire Team

“Tremendous amount of betting options. Props, alternative line wagers, monster teasers, buy up to 10 points per side, tease halftime lines, etc. Lines posted early. Good sign-up and reload bonuses, especially for people using Skrill Moneybookers. -120 on 7 point NFL teasers. Fast, reliable payouts. Endorsed by everyone.”
~ Player from BetBrain

“5Dimes is by far one of the best books on the net. And I don’t say this lightly. They offer more options on every single game played, plus multiple props. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Boxing, Cycling, Golf, Auto Racing, Tennis, and every Soccer League there is, including Mexican Soccer, which very few books offer these days. Halves, quarters and more props than you can shake a stick at. But the best thing about this book is that they put up their lines earlier than any book on the net.”
~ A popular online sports betting forum

“5Dimes is offering more and more reduced juice games all the time. They list them under props. Like for every game in the late rounds of the NCAA tournament they would have the regular spread, ML and total – but if you looked under props there would be reduced juice lines on all three. They always have it for big boxing bouts, tennis matches or NFL, NCAAF games.”
~ Member

“5Dimes is awesome, Their parlay and prop options read like a chinese menu. Tons of options.”
~ Member

“5Dimes is definitely quality. They offer qualifying rounds and even challenger events. Plus they offer game lines for all matches so that’s solid. I definitely enjoy Y Sportsbook but their lines tend to come out 2-3 hours after 5Dimes for some tourneys so that gets frustrating.”
~ Member

“First off, I use 5Dimes as a sportsbook as they by far offer better betting options (and more). Good luck trying to make those ML parlays at X Sportsbook, you just wont be able to with half the teams.

Other reasons I use 5Dimes:
1) They post lines late – 5Dimes has NCAA / NFL lines up on SUNDAY night whereas X Sportsbook doesn’t put the NCAA lines up until like tues/wedsnesday.

2) X Sportsbook has o/u only on televised games? That is less than half the CFB games, talk about lack of options…5Dimes has all O/U for all games.

3) X Sportsbook does not offer moneyline wagers on games generally with spreads over 7. 5Dimes offers ML bets for ALL games, even with 20+ pt spreads.

4) You can’t buy .5 pts on 3 pt or 7 pt spreads on X Sportsbook. 5Dimes lets you buy 9 pts on every line, on a straight bet or parlays — it just changes the moneyline.

5) X Sportsbook lines are ridiculous to put money on a favorite, you will surely eat a point or more chalk every time.”
~ Member

“5Dimes has more props with the best odds on futures I have used. Plus its the quickest place to get paid that…”
~ Chris617

“Almost all I hear about 5Dimes has been positive, on this and on every other site. They have LOTS of different wagers from what I hear.”
~ Leykis101

“5Dimes, unparalleled options.”
~ Flutiemaniac341

“5Dimes has EVERYTHING you want and need.”
~ Dankicho

“The book is 5Dimes. You can wager on anything.”
~ Doctor

“5Dimes: lots of lines, early, overnights.”
~ Drunkguy

“My favorite book. Playing there is sometimes like being a little kid in a candy store. My discipline and money management are always put to the test, because they offer so much. Would love to see them here at the Rx. This is truly an incredible place to play at, and as a customer just truly appreciate everything they offer for us bettors. Thank you 5Dimes, and keep up the good work.”
~ Kevy

“Log in and look at all the lines for basketball, it is awesome, they have quarters for every NBA game, 1st half and half time for every NCAAB, moneylines for 2nd halves in NBA…they have spreads on “the next 6 minutes” in the NBA and “the next 10 minutes” in the NCAA.”
~ Thrillofgambling

“If you like insane amount of betting possibilities, try 5Dimes.”
~ Walk of Life

“These guys went out on a limb and took all my UFC bets and let me wheel them. It was very close to a monster night. VERY CLOSE… but no cigar. Good book, big balls. Thanks.”
~ Odessa

“Premier golf shop with lines in Pga-Euro-Beards and the Bush!!!!!!”
~ Dogs That Bark

“5Dimes is a good out for bases.”
~ Olddog

“5Dimes is a must have for Pucks! Only book that offers lines on the World Junior Hockey Championships. Multiple lines on every game. Pleasers are a great option they offer.”
~ Guysmiley

(5Dimes does offer wagering on live televised NCAA hockey matches.) “Couldn’t tell you off hand if anyone takes action on college hockey but, the first place i would check would be 5Dimes because people say they offer everything there.”
~ BigBoyDan

“5Dimes nickel overnights, just checked Opening Day and they had some sweet prices. Don’t mean to sound like a shill, but they are a quality book with great options.”
~ GreenDoberman

“Major Respect to 5Dimes for opening the baseball season with 5 cent overnight lines on sides. For those who are not aware, those are found in the MLB props section and are for internet betting only. 5 Dimes has special lines in their props sections for a lot of sports – mainly for big games. For example they have regular posted lines for tomorrow’s NCAA final but they also have better lines in the props section which have equal or less juice than Pinnacle.”
~ Uncle-Mudcat

Customer Service
“Great book, good bonuses, quick payouts, decent lines, allows tennis parlays, early lines, lots of props, great customer service via email or phone. a great book. I’ve been with them for a year or so now and have no complaints, they have great 5 cent overnight baseball lines too.”
~ Gamble 4heisman

~ Shawn Gotti

Casino Games
“Did exceptionally well there playing BJ over the course of 800 or so hands. One of my best experiences ever for an online BJ casino.”
~ Fishhead

Fast Payouts
“I have been playing at 5Dimes off and on for 2 years and never had a problem with payouts. In fact, just this morning I requested a payout and in less than 2 hours I had my money in my Neteller account. Just thought a good thing should be shared. Thank you.”
~ Member

“I just want to post something good about a book. When I saw that 5Dimes became a sponsor I decided to try them out so I sent them a nickel. That nickel is now at just under 3 dimes so I requested a pay out of 2 dimes. I requested it in the morning and when I checked at lunch it was in my account! Kudos 5Dimes!”
~ Member
5Dimes Customer

“One of the best books around. A lot of value to be found in all the lines they put up. Neteller payouts in 10-15 minutes.”
~ Du4ck

“5Dimes is a class book that pays as fast as anyone out there. They pay out 7 days a week. I’ve played almost everywhere and 5Dimes ranks at the top. They have more lines than anyone including Spiro and have never slow paid or no paid anyone that I’ve ever read about. I collected over 5K two weeks ago and it was sent by Western Union within an hour.”
~ Jacksorbetter

“They paid me out in about 3 hours! Great service A+”
~ Areeff

“I’ve been using 5Dimes and I love it. They give out lines very quickly and very early. They are also great at processing payouts. I have never had a problem with them.”

“I just made a mid 4 figure withdrawal request via western union at 7:30pm fully expecting to have it done tomorrow after noon. They emailed me 5 minutes later and told me to call in 45 minutes for the control number. Mad props to 5Dimes.”
~ Love2Gamble

“5dime is very good, best website I’ve seen yet. Free neteller withdraws within minutes.”
~ Mrpickem

“I’m a member of 5Dimes and I never had any problems with them in over 2 and a half years. They offer almost every line you can think of. Withdrawing my funds was done very quickly and without any bullshit at all and it’s ranked as one of the top sportsbooks in I have never seen a complaint about this book at all.”
~ WeaponX

“30 minute western union payouts!!! at 5Dimes…doesn’t get any better.”
~ Awesomeagain

(On a 5Dimes sponsored contest posted at Freaks Forum) “Thank You FREAK! I won $$$$ from The College Contest, and you re-introduced me to this Great Sportsbook. They have Totals on all College Hoops games, and Every Other Option I’d ever want. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give them a… 10!”
~ Utopia
Freaks Forum

5Dimes Overall
“Rated an A+ on SBR’s Recommended Sportsbook list on”

“Customer service is always fast, courteous and friendly. You can wager thru the internet or even phone in a bet. As well, they also have ‘Live Chat’ where you can speak with someone 24 hrs. a day. The payouts are accurate and lightning fast. They offer a huge variety of different wagering options, including ‘props’. This sportsbook has a spectacular selection of boxing lines. Even their casino is fair. This book rates a 10 out of 10 in my book and I highly recommend it!”
~ Member

“I think 5Dimes is fantastic. I have used several Sportsbooks already and this one is by far the best. I receive my payouts the next day after requesting them. That is always a plus. They have overnight lines and their football lines are put up a week before the games. And if you like teasers, they have up to 20 point teasers, unreal. This is the only sportsbook I will ever use from now on, by the way, I have been with them for almost a year now and have never had a problem.”
~ Member

“My favorite book. Playing there is sometimes like being a little kid in a candy store. My discipline and money management are always put to the test, because they offer so much. This is truly an incredible place to play at…”
~ Kevy

“5Dimes has been nothing but great since I made an account there I have looked all over the place at other books and 80% don’t come close.”
~ Member

“5Dimes is the best book there is, period.”
~ Member

“I rate 5Dimes as one of the top 3 books out there.”
~ Railbird

“I’m with a number of books, but 5Dimes is far and away my favorite.”
~ Sportsadvisory

“Just wanted to make sure players know this book made a great upgrade to software and are an easy top ten book in the world now Keep up the good work.”
~ JJgold

“I’m down for the hoops contest… I say we use 5Dimes as they get the lines in usually around 11-12 o’clock range the night before.”
~ Xstac2169

“5Dimes is one of the oldest books on the web. They have some MONSTER teasers if ya like that kind of stuff.”
~ Kevin

“Very good book.”
~ Chris

“It’s been a long time coming, but a GOOD quality sportsbook, 5Dimes came aboard today.”
~ MadJack

“I just wanted to give some props to 5Dimes. I started with them a few weeks ago because i was sick of my old book and the limited options for wagering on games. I saw that other posters gave them good words so i tried them out. I lost $200 but liked the customer service and the many options that I could place. I deposited $100 this weekend and turned it into $500. Asked for a withdrawl and was givin confirmation… and to boot they did not ask why I was taking out my money. Great experience!!!!!”
~ Maxdemo

“5Dimes – Best ‘all around’ book of the year.”
~ DrunkenGood
~ Michael777
~ Miaplus3

“I use 5Dimes and I am very pleased with them. Yes they have many offerings. Kudos for that.”
~ Mr.Jones

Experience the convenience and reliability of 5Dimes for yourself.

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