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Photo-Image: Horse Racing Odds Payout Chart

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The Betting Lab for formulating your Sports Bet Picks.
Looking to get scientific? Formulate, analyze and simulate your betting picks using HorsePlayUSA’s Betting Lab tools…
How to use The Betting Lab at HorsePlayUSA…

HorsePlay presents resources and information to help you become a more successful bettor… either as a Horse bettor, a Sports bettor, a Casino Bettor or a Card Player. The goal is to help you make the best picks possible. Much of what you’ll find here is free. Your use of available professional handicapping tools… which at some level carry a cost or a subscription fee… are optional. In a nutshell, here is how you can profit from using HorsePlay…
  — 1. Review games that interest you both as a spectator and a bettor. You can get started with basic information and current odds at BetQL, Veribet and BetUS. All three websites provide substantial information helpful in formulating your picks.
  — 2. Compare the lines and betting opportunities available through each betting venue mentioned above.
  — 3. You may find the basic, free information found at each website adequate to formulate your picks. However, for deeper and more insightful picks you may wish to purchase sharper guidance from professional bettors and handicappers. Both BetQL and Veribet offer a large array of online packages and tip sheets.
  — 4. After you settle on your picks, you can place your online bets through the Sportsbooks and Racebooks of your choice. Opening a legal wagering account involves making an opening deposit to cover your bets. BetUS is a second-to-none, highly respected and well-established Sportsbook, Racebook and Casino that accommodates Bettors in all 50 states as well as other territories and countries. Betting online at BetUS is easy and convenient regardless of where you are. It facilitates deposits and withdrawals on a 24/7 basis with excellent customer service through a large number of online transaction services.
Straightforward Sports Betting… knowledge is power.
What Are BetQL Best Bets and how do they help you win?
BetQL’s proprietary models assign a 1-5 star rating to every spread, moneyline and over/under bet. BetQL’s best bets are determined by the difference between our projection and the consensus odds.

Free Sports Betting SimulatorPlease note: It will take a minute for all found Simulator “events” to download.

Five-star bets are the most valuable bets, followed by four-star bets and so on. The goal of the star ratings model is to make betting as straightforward as possible. The 5-star bets are the best bets because our model indicates a significantly different outcome relative to the current sportsbook line. Conversely, 1-star bets indicate a projected line that is very similar to the sportsbook line — typically a losing proposition for a bettor in the long run. Start BetQL Sports Betting here.

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