NY Veterinarian Fined, Suspended For Committing ‘Improper, Corrupt, & Fraud Act’

The New York State Gaming Commission has suspended and fined a veterinarian after he allegedly provided a licensed owner with albuterol without examining the horse first. In addition he also used a fictitious name for the horse related to the incident.

The BloodHorse reports that Dr. Camilo B. Sierra will serve a 21-day suspension beginning Feb. 1, 2018. He will also have to pay a $4,500 fine after withdrawing his request for a hearing. Stewards originally had suspended Sierra for 30 days and levied a $2,500 fine.

According to the Gaming Commission’s website, the ruling states in part that “Dr. Camilo B. Sierra committed an improper, corrupt, and fraud act and practice in relation to racing, and committed and attempted to commit fraud and misrepresentation with racing, in that:

(a) Dr. Camilo Sierra knowingly prescribed a 500mi supply of the drug ‘Albuterol’ without having examined the horse for which the drug purportedly was prescribed and using fictitious horse name for the prescription, for a horse owner actively participating in New York horse racing and attending to horses on the grounds of Belmont park; and

(b) Dr. Camilo Sierra prescribed a 500mi supply of the drug “Albuterol” to a licensed owner, while knowing that such person did not intend to use drug to treat the horse for whom the prescribed purportedly was written, or to treat a horse for whom the drug had been properly prescribed in violation of 9 NYCRR 4042.1(f) and 4002.9(a).”

Link to NY State Gaming Commission ruling

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