New Voided Claim Rule, Lasix List Proposal Approved By New York State Gaming Commission

The New York State Gaming Commission’s meeting on Tuesday resulted in the approval of a new voided claiming rule and the approval of several rule proposals.

Moving forward, claims will be able to be voided on horses judged to be lame in the test barn or which have suffered “epistaxis due to EIPH,” bleeding from the nostriles after a race. The rule was approved 5-0, and it formalizes the use of a lameness scale used since 1999 by the American Association of Equine Practitioners.

The rule specifies that the claim may be voided if the horse is grade two lame or higher on the AAEP lameness grading scale, meaning the lameness of the horse is consistently apparent under certain circumstances (e.g., weight carrying, circling, inclines, hard surface) even if such lameness is difficult to observe when the horse is at a walk or trotting in a straight line.

Trainers are now allowed, but not required, to void a claim for the following three reasons: the horse presents as lame in the test barn, the horse is vanned off, or the horse shows epistaxis due to EIPH.

In addition, the NYSGC banned intra-articular injections of corticosteriods within 14 days of a race, expanded from the current seven-day rule.

New rule proposals approved include:

  • Lasix list: requirements for horses moving on and off the Lasix list, maintained by the state to determine which horses may receive the medication on race day, will be relaxed in order to facilitate horsemen experimenting in the state’s upcoming Lasix-free races. The rule would permit the horse’s trainer to request reinstatement to the Lasix list after the race without having to re-apply for the Lasix list with the eligibility criteria (including demonstrating another bleeding episode) being re-established. Without the proposed rule amendment, the horse could not run in a no-race-day-Lasix race unless it left the Lasix list, and the horse would need to re-apply for the Lasix list after having raced without the drug
  • Restrictions of non-steriodal anti-inflammatory medications – limited to phenylbutazone, ketoprofen, and flunixin. Only one of the three may be administered in the week leading up to a race, and administration is limited to the intravenous route.
  • Threshold levels for phenylbutazone and flunixin both lowered to RMTC/ARCI standards.
  • The adoption of rulemaking to broaden the requirement of a lip tattoo for a Thoroughbred horse to race in NY to include digital tattoos. The rule conforms Commission rules with the nationwide digital tattoo system, which was introduced by The Jockey Club.

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