New ‘Toggle Technique’ A Possible Alternative To Tie-Back Surgery

Two small incisions in the cartilage and a small button-like tether could significantly improve outcomes for horses with recurrent laryngeal neuropathy, according to a recent study. Researchers funded by the Morris Animal Foundation have been developing and testing a technique to aid “roarers” by using a stainless-steel toggle as an anchor to hold the airway open. This technique would be an alternative to traditional “tie-back surgeries.”

Traditional tie-backs can sometimes fail, or lose some of their power to pull back the paralyzed larynx in the first six weeks after surgery.

Recurrent laryngeal neuropathy is a degenerative disease in which the left half of the larynx becomes increasingly paralyzed, causing the affected horse to experience difficulty breathing during exercise. The sound produced by exercising horses impacted by this paralysis is called “roaring.”

Researchers developed the “toggle technique” by first performing the corrective surgery on cadavers.

Read more about this surgical innovation at DVM360.

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