New Research Makes Stifle Arthroscopy Easier

Arthroscopic surgery on a horse’s stifle is challenging: Current approaches risk both nerve and cartilage damage. However, new research by Drs. H.D. O’Neill and B.M. Bladon offer an alternative arthroscopic entry point for access to the stifle.

In cadaver and clinical studies, the scientists found that the caudal pouches of the lateral femorotibial joint can be accessed arthroscopically in a way that did not threaten damage. The entry point is immediately cranial (toward the head) to the lateral collateral ligament.

Using cadaver limbs held in place to mimic dorsal recumbency with the stifle held in 90-degree flexion, the scientists entered the leg just cranial to the lateral collateral ligament. The arthroscope was then fed along the popliteal tunnel toward the horse’s head and then down. Once they had become comfortable with the technique, the scientists completed 38 arthroscopic inspections of caudal lateral femorotibial joints using the new entry point. The doctors were able to see both pouches using the new technique, and no horses experienced complications.

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