Meadowlands, Monmouth At Odds Over All-Turf Card Cancellation

The cancellation of an all-turf Thoroughbred card at Meadowlands Racetrack sparked a feud between the racetrack and its fellow New Jersey track Monmouth Park.

On Tuesday, Monmouth Park announced that due to heavy rains and a wet weather forecast, the Meadowlands would
skip Friday’s all-turf racing slate. The following day, Meadowlands operator Jeff Gural sent out a press release indicating his displeasure with the decision.

“I think these guys should just admit the fact that they don’t have enough horses,” Gural said. “It’s very bad for us. They have asked for six dates. And it they’re going to scratch then they should scratch on Friday morning when they go and look at the track. Not determine on Tuesday morning that they think it’s not going to be safe. The guy who handles that track has been doing it for 41 years. If he says the track is going to be fine, then the track is going to be fine.”

But Dennis Drazin, CEO of the company that operates Monmouth Park, saw things differently, including information that Gural was expecting groups to come to the track on Friday.

“Are there horse shortages? There are horse shortages all over, whether it’s Standardbred racing or Thoroughbred,” Drazin said. “We all see what the problem is with full fields. But I’m sure Jeff is upset because he has a group coming in, but if you were the group would you rather be told a few days in advance or the day of the event?”

The Asbury Park Press said the bigger issue between the tracks was the Meadowlands’ failure to convert its Standardbred surface to Thoroughbred in order to accommodate races taken off the turf.

Read more at Asbury Park Press

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