Loosen Up: Nebraska Trying To Remove Licensing Restrictions For Equine Masseuses

If a horse in Nebraska is in need of an equine masseuse, they’re out of luck as there isn’t a single masseuse in the state. However, Nebraska lawmakers are trying to help the horses by working to overturn a law that requires equine massage therapists to have a license to practice.

In Nebraska, to practice equine massage, a person must hold a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and be licensed to practice equine massage or they must be a human massage therapist, which requires about 1,000 hours of class. From there, human massage therapists then must complete an additional 150 hours of equine massage classes. Currently there are no schools in Nebraska that offer animal massage classes.

If a person practices equine massage in Nebraska without a license, there are significant fines and possibly even jail time. There are 13 states that do not require licensing for equine masseuses; removing the licensing requirements in Nebraska would create job opportunities and potentially boost the equine economy.

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