Know Before You Go: Preparation Key To Helping At A Disaster Site

In the wake of the fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters occurring around the world, it’s understandable that many people feel compelled to action. Horse people are notoriously generous with their time, resources and finances when one of their own is in crisis. While this can mean everything from sending a check to physically showing up to help during disasters, those wishing to volunteer have hearts that are always in the right place.

However, like doing research to be sure that funds are being sent to the correct location, there are factors to be considered before heading down to a disaster site in person, as well, reports The Horse.

They include:

  • Do not go to any disaster zone without accurate information regarding the status of the area, especially with regards to potential hazards. Remember that some of these reports may not be immediately available.
  • Ask what skill sets are needed onsite and determine if they are within your realm of knowledge, such as handling horses, shipping or veterinary care.
  • Find out what the credentialing requirements are to be in the disaster area. Make sure you have all forms of ID required to ensure you have access to the disaster area.
  • Determine what areas you personally will be able to access. Don’t arrive at a site with no water, food or transportation.
  • Understand that power may be unavailable and that fuel may be in short supply.
  • Be sure to inform your family, friends and employer of where you are going and when you intend to return, as well as a way to access you should they need to reach you.
  • Once you arrive at the staging area of a disaster, determine who is the head of the chain of command and find out how the relaying of information works.
  • Be cognizant that circulating images and information to others and to the press may cause issues; be careful with whom you share information.

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