INQUIRY Presented By Iowa Thoroughbred Breeders And Owners Association: Back To School

Whether it’s backed by a diploma or a lifetime of experience, just about anyone in the horse racing industry could profess themselves to be an expert in something.

In this edition of INQUIRY, we ask the folks on the sales grounds to choose how they’d share that expertise with the world by asking the question, “If you taught a college course about horse racing, what would it be called?”

Catherine Parke – Valkyre Stud

“’Training A Racehorse, And Its Care.”





Tommy Eastham – Legacy Bloodstock

“It would be called ‘Nonverbal Communication,’ or ‘Being Sensitive.’ Communicating with this beast (the horse) without being able to go up and talk to them. Probably the biggest thing I see people miss with their horse care is it’s not a ‘to do’ list. It’s more of an art. Before you make a plan, you need to take a look at that horse, figure out its emotional state, try to figure out what’s bothering it. The best way is to communicate with it.”



Conrad Bandoroff – Denali Stud

“’Horse Racing Economics.’ You could look at how the market for horses mirrors the stock market. You could do some analytical data into economic trends in the horse business, and just showcase how large of an industry it is, and the size and scope of it.”




Katelyn Jackson – Elite Sales

“’Save Ground: How To Pick Your Spot.”’






Alfred Nuckols, Jr. – Hurstland Farm

“’Risk and Reward.’ The class would be about trying to evaluate pedigrees. I like proven horses, but the risk market and reward market seem to be with a lot of these early horses, so I guess what you need to do is teach about these nice horses with pedigrees coming off the racetrack that everyone wants to breed to the first year.”




Bob Feld – Bobfeld Bloodstock

“It would be ‘Handicapping 101.’ For anyone in this business, it’s the gambling and action that really drives the whole machinery.”

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