In Or Out During Storms: There’s No Right (Or Wrong) Answer

There are many issues that divide horse owners, but there are two that will keep them debating until the sun sets — blanketing, and whether to bring a horse inside during a storm. Most riders know not to ride outside during storms, lest they attract lightning to their metal stirrups, bits, or horseshoes, but what to do with horses in fields during a downpour is a more complicated issue.

Though some horse owners and caretakers bring their horses into barns and stalls whenever rain is imminent, the likelihood of a horse being struck by lightning while in a field is low, as is the possibility of him being hit by a falling tree – especially if the trees around his field are maintained.

The greater risk during thunderstorms is that a horse will become so anxious that he injures himself. If the horse lives outside and is normally not disturbed by bad weather, he may not need to come inside. However, if he’s anxious or tends to run or injure himself when he’s stressed, bringing him into a stall may be the best bet.

This assumes that the barn is structurally sound and that the horse doesn’t mind being confined to a stall. If the horse doesn’t tolerate confined spaces well, but might become agitated during a loud storm, consider placing him in a smaller paddock or an indoor arena, if available.

It’s important not to scold or soothe a horse that is behaving oddly during a storm. Either of these actions could make him more upset or reinforce the negative behavior.

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