In A Lather? Handwashing Keeps Horses Healthy

Though the spread of colds and the flu are at the forefront of many people’s minds this time of year, the potential for the spread of disease between horses and humans should not be underestimated. While handwashing is important in preventing the spread of disease between people, it is key to preventing the spread of diseases between horses and humans, as well.

Hand washing before and after handling a horse can combat both infection and diseases that are a threat to both human and horse health, reports the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA). Good hand hygiene is important any time a person comes into contact with an animal; handwashing should be encouraged both before and after being around an equine.

Zoonotic diseases are those which spread between humans and animals; horses can pass on salmonella, ringworm, anthrax, brucellosis and other diseases. Hand washing helps prevent the spread of bacteria between horse and human.

“Hand-washing can’t be underestimated in the role it plays in protecting public health,” said AVA President Dr. Paula Parker to HorseTalk.

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