Horses In North Carolina Dying From Mystery Illness

New Hope Stables in North Carolina has had four horses die from a mystery illness that veterinarians cannot isolate or explain. Treasure, an 18-year-old rescue horse used in the stable’s lesson program, was the first horse afflicted and was originally suspected to be colicking when barn workers found him down on September 23.

When the veterinarian arrived, however, it was apparent that Treasure was not colicking, but the horse was experiencing gastrointestinal irritation. The gelding was sent to Woodside Equine Clinic in Richmond, VA, where he deteriorated and was euthanized.

On Sept. 28, several other horses at the farm became ill and three died. Three horses remain in the clinic and nearly half of the farm’s stable is on intravenous fluids.

Treating veterinarian Dr. Shanna Edwards has asked colleagues all over the United States for opinions; thus far no conclusive diagnosis has been reached, even after a necropsy of one of the horses.

Affected horses have diarrhea, colic and fever, and become bloated and lethargic. Edwards suspects a toxin may be in the horse’s hay, grain or water as every horse in the farm is affected, which doesn’t typically happen with an infectious disease. The farm has stopped using their well water and has brought in new hay and grain.

A GoFundMePage has raised nearly $30,000 of the $20,000 goal.

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