Hit Snooze: Feeding “Late” Is Just Fine

Horses fed at the same time each day become conditioned to expect meals at specific times; most horses have no issue letting it be known if their food is late. While it may seem like horses should to be fed at the same time every day (or that’s what they tell you anyway), there’s no reason to stick to a regimented feeding schedule: It’s actually beneficial to not feed horses at the same time every day.

Equine digestive systems are not designed to eat two large grain meals; to keep horses healthy, they should eat all the time. This ongoing ingestion prevents starch overload from large grain meals and allows their digestive system to process all the feed before it reaches the hindgut. A constant supply of food in the stomach also buffers stomach acid, which can be irritating.

If it’s not possible to turn a horse out all day, it’s important to offer the horse as much hay as possible, keeping it accessible for as long as possible. Slow feeders or hay nets can make hay last longer.

If the horse is not in a heavy work load, it may be possible to feed only hay, with no grain meals at all. Constant access to hay will prevent horses from becoming anxious at mealtimes.

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